Turkish Arbitration Review is now online!

As we now all know Istanbul Arbitration Center,* a permanent arbitration institution in Istanbul, Turkey, has recently been established and already started to function. As a mission inherent in its establishment, the Center currently allocates a significant part of its time to promote arbitration for domestic and international disputes, and to create more arbitration friendly legal environment for achieving the former.

While Turkey’s arbitration legislation is to a large extent compatible with UNCITRAL Model Law and the country is a party to 1958 New York Convention, jurisprudential improvements with a pro-arbitration approach are still needed for the practice of local courts.

In the light of all these developments, Turkish Arbitration Review has been created by independent researchers and practitioners to make access to information possible for the ones practising and/or studying in the field. In particular, we will publish news and articles with respect to international investment and commercial arbitration proceedings, translate the judgments of Yargıtay (Turkish Court of Cassation) and Turkey’s arbitration/trade legislation into English, make international texts available for Turkish users, and collaborate with third parties to improve our content.

We hope you will find it useful!

* Turkish Arbitration Review has no links to Istanbul Arbitration Center.